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AirTube designs around the world

Gazit’s inspiration in developing the AirTube were twisty balloons. He used these balloons to create interesting shapes and animals. He sold these creations in the streets to earn his living while a student in Bezalel college in Jerusalem.


The AirTube is 500 feet long, and in his work he uses it as a 3 dimensional line, with nature and the urban environments as his canvas. Working with the AirTubes, he has designed installations in many countries for large international events.


Using these AirTubes it is possible not only to design a given space, but also to create an entirely new one. This ability to design and create new spaces is what brought Gazit to develop the concept of AirChitecture. Temporary architecture with long, flowing, air-filled tubes.

- Desert Flowers - 10 x 75 feet tall, Du
- Statue of Liberty celebrations,  New Y
-  World Expo, Brisbane, Australia
-  World Expo, Brisbane, Australia   (2)
- on the Asahi River, Okayama, Japan
- Volcano of colors at Javis Center, New
- Volcano of Colors,  Javits Convention
- Snow Cave, Warner Bros studio, Los Ang
- Pacific Design Center, Los Angels
-  Playground for the wind, Pacific Desi
- Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles
- Art Center college 75th, Pasadena CA -
- Art Center college 75th - Pasadena CA
- Projection on Airtubes
- Projection on Airtubes   (2)
- Pavarotti Concert, Mexicali  17 towers
- NY Toy Show, Disney project
- Glass tunnel, Art Fest, Israel
- Glasgo Convention Center, Scotland
- FMI Show, AT as directional lines, Chi
-  Tunnel of arched Airtubes
Porto Europa, Yokoyama, Japan
Soccer fest LACC directional lines

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1 Fall fest in Riverside school 10-10 em_14.JPG
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